Keep your Dog warm during the Winter Months

Keep your Dog warm during the Winter Months

Irish offers some great tips on how to keep your pets warm during the cold winter months.

While a nice full set of fur provides warmth for our furry friends, dogs also need sweaters and jackets to bundle up and stay comfortable while playing outside, taking walks or lounging around the house. Be sure to check out a variety of sweaters and other clothing options to make sure your furry friend gets the warmth he or she needs.

According to “bedding should be at least 3 inches off the cold floor to avoid drafts.”  Sleeping in cold temperatures is not fun and dogs do not enjoy it either, so be sure to provide your dog with a warm and comfortable bed to stay happy and healthy in the cold winter months, especially if they are sleeping on a cold floor. View our wide selection of dog beds. states “dogs use up more calories in the winter trying to stay warm,” so be sure to keep your pet well fed during the cold winter months.  Check of California’s Natural health bars to keep your dog’s tummy full and happy, while keeping your dog healthy. To keep your dogs full and help provide healthy skin and shiny coats, Yummy Chummies are a great and healthy treat. For organic dog food, Karma’s certified organic dry dog food keeps your dog’s tummy full of great food.

These are a just a few tips to keeping your dog warm during the cold winter months. also encourages special treats and belly rubs because “nothing warms your dog’s heart more than special food and attention, so give him both.”

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