Maintaining a Clean Home with Pets

Maintaining a Clean Home with Pets

Pets are great company and always bring a smile to your face when you arrive home after a long day of work, and there they are My dog Pippowaiting for you and perhaps some TLC. Pets are a loving addition to any family or household. They can cheer you up after a bad day or accompany you on your morning runs.

What’s not so great? The mess they leave behind. Whether they are an untrained potty puppy, a drooling dog or frenzied feline, pets can cause a messy stress.

Fortunately, offers a variety of products to help keep your house intact.

1. Gates and Barriers: Gates and barriers are an effective way to keep certain areas of your house blocked off from your pet(s). If you don’t want your cat or dog in your living room, dining room or any other area of the house, you can block off that area using a gate or barrier. It allows you to maintain pet-free zones, which means clean-free zones–at least clean from any pet hair and urine, or pets knocking off valuables or potted plants.

2. Urine Cleaning Products: So your pet had an accident on the carpet in your living room or on the hardwood floors in the kitchen. What to do? Don’t panic! Check out our line of urine cleaning products that help you clean up any messes and mishaps. Even when you know your dog has had an accident, but you can’t see it or smell it, check out the LED Mini Urine Finder. It helps you locate the mess so you can clean it up before you or someone else accidentally walks on it, dragging it through the whole house. While it is important for your pet to understand that accidents are not a good thing, remember they are sorry and make mistakes–so give them a break!

3. Food Storage: Tired of those floppy food bags always tipping over in your pantry, laundry room or next to the food bowl? Does your pet bite or crawl its way through those easy-to-rip bags to get at food? There’s an easy solution to avoid cleaning up a hundred spilled food pebbles scattered across your floor. Take a look at the selection of food storage containers that stand upright, which effectively help prevent messes.

Where your pet goes, mess follows…

In addition to keeping your home clean, how about your yard, not to mention the neighbor’s yard and your car?

1. For cleaning up your pet’s poop outside, peruse the assortment of Waste Clean up Products. It’s not the most fun job in the world, but somebody has to do it and isn’t your adorable, lovable pet worth the clean-up for all the joy it brings you and your family?

2. To keep your car clean–or as clean as you can keep it with pets– offers a selection of Seat Protectors, which helps keep the hair off your seats. One convenient product, the Cargo Comfort Liner, is machine washable for effortless clean-up and features waterproof backing for wet-dog protection.

These are just a few simple and convenient ways to help keep your home and other areas clean from the mess that pets can create.

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