Fight Cabin Fever with Fun Dog Toys

Fight Cabin Fever with Fun Dog Toys

PuppyDoes your dog have a serious case of cabin fever after being stuck inside for most of the winter? Sure, the weather is getting warmer, which means your pooch will be able to spend more time outdoors. But for those times when he’s stuck inside, stave off boredom by trying out some of the toys we carry that are specifically designed to stimulate your dog.

Mentally stimulate your pooch with a puzzle. The puzzles we carry have stuffed animals that you place inside their “homes” for your dog to dig out. Some of the puzzle toys have squeakers to further engage your pet. They effectively sharpen your pet’s cognitive and problem-solving skills, and also improve memory. They are great for dog breeds that enjoy chasing small prey and burrowing, since the plush animals imitate real-life animals.

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Treat Balls and Dispensers
Treat balls and dispensers are a healthy way to feed your canine pal while keeping him entertained. Just fill them with your pooch’s favorite food or treats, toss it on the floor and let him have at it. Your dog will love pawing at and wrestling with this toy to get more goodies. It also dispenses the food and treats slowly, which causes your dog to eat slower. This improves digestion and increases nutrient absorption to benefit your pet’s health. Plus, your dog is exercising as he eats, since he is constantly moving the ball around and chasing after it, trying to retrieve the food and treats.

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Agility Kits
If you’re eager to whip your dog back into shape after an inactive winter, try an agility kit. They are easy to set up, and are a great way to improve your dog’s obedience skills while bonding with him and exercising him. It enables your dog to learn how to quickly weave back and forth, jump high and run through tunnels. It can be used as a challenging obstacle course, or as a way to leisurely exercise your pet. Either way, simply set it up in your yard, and your dog will love playing with it, especially after spending the winter months cooped up inside.

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So the next time you notice your dog is getting a bit antsy, spring for one of these toys. They are loads of fun to play with and will keep your dog occupied, stimulated and happy.

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