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EVO the Ancestral Diet Pet Food

Another line of pet food from Natura® manufacturing is now available for purchase on ProperPet.com. The Evo® brand of pet food is a grain free pet food that more resembles your pets primal diet when they lived in the wild. EVO combines the advantages of grain free food with the benefits of protein rich nutrition in a domestic diet. Whether desired for its excellent palatability, exceptional performance, or to address a specific health need of a pet, Natura has been the innovator and leader of grain free, low-carbohydrate nutrition with EVO® dog, cat, and ferret foods.

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Strollin’ with your pet Iguana

IguanaDon’t think that only dogs can go for walks. Your pet iguana can take a stroll too. All you need is a leash or harness to let your reptilian pal safely explore the outdoors. As much as he may love the indoor living space you’ve set up for him, it can be nice to get some time outside, especially when it’s warm and sunny. The leashes and harnesses we carry are perfect for almost any pet iguana. Durable yet comfortable to wear, they are ideal for a saunter around the neighborhood or even if you just want to walk your iguana in the yard. They are also conveniently adjustable to accommodate iguanas of various sizes, and are available in different colors. So let your iguana friend get his swagger on outdoors with any one of our leashes and harnesses.

How to Ease Your Pets in Severe Weather

Summer is well on its way and can bring some daunting severe weather. Many cats and dogs become agitated during storms and their owners often don’t know how to calm them. Though it can be troubling to see your pet so anxious during a rough storm, the good news is there are ways to calm them.

For Dogs:

1. Many dogs are unnerved by the loud noises that storms cause, like thunder, harsh winds or the pounding sound of hail. During a particularly loud storm, some dogs prefer to run to a certain spot in your home to ride it out, while others become erratic and constantly run around. Turn on soothing music to calm them. Sometimes constant, peaceful sounds can alleviate your dog’s anxiousness. Play the calming music loudly, and if you can, loud enough to drown out any disturbing outdoor noises.

2. If your canine pal prefers to run to a certain spot of your home, make sure it’s comfortable. Give him a comfy bed, and leave his food and water dishes there so he doesn’t have to leave. You can even put his favorite toys there or a bone for him to chew on to keep him occupied.

3. Playing with your dog is another way to calm him. It helps focus his attention on something fun instead of constantly being scared by loud noises a storm can cause. Whip out his favorite toys and keep him entertained until the worst of the storm passes.

4. Sometimes the best way to calm a shaken dog is by petting him. Sit next to your pooch on the couch or floor and pet him for several minutes. Depending on what your dog prefers, you can use long, connective strokes to ease him, or just scratch him behind the ears. Whatever relaxes him the most should work. You can even try talking to your dog, if he likes it. Often, it can be soothing for a dog to hear his owner’s voice. So if there’s an especially loud crack of thunder or noisy downpour, talk your dog through it. You can say whatever you’d like, as long as it’s in a soothing tone.

For Cats:

1. Most cats prefer to hide during loud storms. If your cat is like that, just make sure that his favorite hiding spot is clear for him to use. A lot of cats dart under a bed, futon or any big piece of furniture with enough room for them to crawl under. To make it more comfortable, you can throw an old blanket for your kitty to lie on.

2. A lot of cats don’t like to be held when they are nervous, but for those that do, it can be effective to pet them. Just like with dogs, tailor your petting to their preferences, whether they like long strokes or to be scratched under the chin. It may be sufficient for your cat to lie on your lap without being pet. If that’s the case, make sure that you are calm and in a comfortable position to set your cat at ease. It can be even more nerve racking for your cat if they are trying to sit on your lap during a rattling storm and you are moving around erratically.

3. You can also give your cat a few treats when you notice they are getting agitated. It can help distract them for a few moments. Toss your feline friend a treat periodically, when you notice they are the most nervous, like during an especially noisy several minutes of a storm.

The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to your pet’s behavior. The only way you can be helpful is if you are in tune with how your cat or dog responds. If one method doesn’t seem to work, try another. Not every dog or cat is the same, so you may have to try multiple methods to calm your pet.

How to Calm Your Kitty for the Vet

Most cat owners don’t enjoy taking their feline friend to the vet. A visit to the vet’s office usually involves lots of hissing, whiny meowing and having to Vulcan-grip your cat the moment you put him on the examining table so he holds still. It’s almost enough to make you swear off those routine check-ups, but they are vital to the health of your kitty. What can you do to make visits to the vet easier and less of a hassle?

1. The first helpful thing you can do is put your cat in a relaxed mood before you leave for the vet’s office. This differs depending on your cat’s preferences, so whatever relaxes your cat the most will work. For many cats, it’s relaxing to spend several minutes sitting with their owners being pet. Some cats prefer long, connective strokes along their backs, while others just like being scratched under the chin. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it calms your cat. If your cat’s eyes are closed or look very heavy and they are purring, he is likely relaxed.

2. Next, load your cat into his pet carrier. Make sure the pet carrier you own is roomy enough so he is comfortable during the drive to the vet’s office. It can agitate your cat to have to sit in a cramped carrier for an extended period of time, which will only amplify his nervousness the moment you let him out for the vet to examine him. Also, place a towel, small blanket or old sweater on the bottom of the carrier if it’s hard. It will be cushier for your cat to lie on, making him more comfortable, and can set him more at ease.

(If you need a pet carrier, look here)

3. Make sure your cat has been fed before you take him to the vet. It’s never fun to deal with a cranky, hungry cat that’s agitated. Give him a generous helping of food—not too much, but about as much as you would give him for a regular meal. Just be sure to do it shortly before your vet trip. Best case scenario: your cat will feel so stuffed and relaxed from eating that he will be calmer during the appointment. You can also give your cat a few treats immediately after you load him into the carrier. Toss him a few treats during the car ride to the vet’s office too, to ensure your he is full and more at ease.

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4. Make the car ride to the vet’s office as calm and smooth as possible. That means no music blaring and no weaving in and out of traffic, like you’re re-enacting a movie car chase scene. Leave early so you’re not in a rush. The smoother the drive is, the better your cat will behave.

Try these tips for your cat’s next vet visit. We can’t promise your cat will be 100 percent calm during every appointment, but trying each of these methods can’t hurt. Some cats are just naturally nervous and won’t settle down no matter what you do. Others can greatly benefit from one or more of these tips, and you will notice a difference in their behavior if you change the way you take them to the vet.

Celebrate Earth Day

Simple Earth 1Properpet.com offers a variety of products that are eco-friendly, perfect for celebrating Earth Day.

1. Recycled Dog Collars and Leashes: Summer is coming up and now may be the perfect time to replace your dog’s collar, leash or both. Fortunately, we offer a line of eco-friendly leashes and collars, made from recycled materials with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

2. Pet Carriers: If you are traveling during the upcoming summer months, a pet carrier is ideal and a must-have to make traveling with your pet easier. We offer a couple of eco-friendly options, made from recycled materials.

3. Dog Toys: Put a smile on your dog’s face with a fun toy while helping the earth by choosing a dog toy labeled as eco-friendly.

4. Cat Litter: Keep your kitty’s litter fresh while being easy on the planet by choosing a Feline Fresh Cat Litter that is biodegradable.

Get a great product while helping the environment and celebrate the Earth.

Birthday Bash

More often that not your dog feels like a member of the family. They are more than just your pet; maybe they even sleep in the same bed and eat at the dinning room table with you. So when it comes to birthdays, don’t forget about your dog! They like to have fun and celebrate, too. For all the joy, unconditional love and fun they bring to your family, celebrating their birthday is a great way to say thanks and show appreciation for your beloved pooch.

A dog’s party can be extravagant or simple depending on personalities and lifestyle. Whatever you decide, the most important part is the celebration. The rest will simply be icing on the cake.

Here are some tips and tricks for throwing a birthday celebration:

Guest List, Location and Gifts:

For the guest list, invite your family and friends who have dogs. Make sure the dogs coming get along with your dog to avoid any birthday drama. The size of the party location will help to determine how many people and pups to invite. A dog park or your backyard are two great location options. Like any other party, make sure invitations are sent in a timely manner. If your dog doesn’t need gifts or even if they do, you can always ask guests to bring canned food to be donated to dog shelters or a small donation for a dog-related charity, such as the Human Society.


Make sure there are plenty of snacks to go around, including people and dog food (be sure not to mix them up). For a dog Chex mix, you can toss all their favorite treats together. You can even make a cake for your dog out of their favorite treats or food – sweet or salty. Also, make sure there is plenty of water to keep all the dogs and puppies hydrated because they will probably be running around and panting with excitement.

You can even send all the dogs home with a party favor. For a simple party favor, just fill up a baggie with dog treats or provide each dog with a fun and inexpensive toy.

It may be a good idea before the party to ask guests if there is any type of food there dog is allergic to, so you can avoid any problems.

Party Plans:

Plan some activities and play some games. Team up dogs with their owners and play a game of fetch. Whichever dog retrieves the most toys or balls in a certain amount of time wins. You can even include small prices for the winner, and second and third places.

Be sure to supervise the party games to make sure no one is getting in trouble.

Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember, whatever you decide to do, just make sure it is fun. Don’t get caught up in the glitz of planning the most blow-out bash ever. As long as your dog is wagging his tail at the end of the party, you know it was a success.

Prepare for Shedding Season

With warmer weather on the way, beware of the upcoming shed-fest your dog or cat will cause. If you’re sick of all the pet hair thatCatnDog accumulates in your home every spring and summer, look to our extensive selection of grooming products to get rid of it. We carry a variety of items that conveniently control and prevent masses of unwanted fur from piling up.

Brushes and Combs
It’s always a good idea to brush your cat or dog daily, especially if they have a long, thick coat. Making it a habit to brush your pets will get rid of any loose fur and prevent it from accumulating all over your house. It can be a pain during a busy day, but brushing your cat or dog on a regular basis sure beats coming home to a house covered in pet hair.

Check out our selection of brushes and combs for dogs and cats.

Bathing Products
Giving your pet a bath is also an effective way of cutting down on the amount of hair they leave around your home. There are even shampoos that help control shedding. Most dogs enjoy taking a bath, so be sure to bathe your pooch on a regular basis to keep him clean and keep the excess fur at bay. Cats are trickier. Most don’t like getting wet, so it may not be possible to bathe your cat without getting scratched half to death. But if your kitty is receptive to a bath and you’re brave enough to give him one, it can help cut down on the amount of hair he sheds.

Check out our selection of bathing products for cats and dogs.

Shedding Blades
Shedding blades are a nifty tool that you can glide over your dog’s or cat’s coat to remove excess hair. These convenient tools are easy to use and can be adjusted into different shapes to accommodate the size of the area on your pet that you are brushing.

Check out our selection of shedding blades.

Unwind With Your Pets

You love to relax and so does your pet. Why not combine the two and spend some time chilling out with your dog or cat? Making time to relax is important for your health, and it’s a great opportunity to bond with your pet. Here are some simple ways you can kick back with your furry friend.

1. Take a nap. Who doesn’t love a lazy afternoon nap? Let your cat or dog be part of your siesta by cuddling up next to them on the couch while you snooze. Most dogs love sitting or lying next to their owners, so they will likely jump at the chance to catch a few winks with you. Cats can be a bit more temperamental, depending on their personality. Some are happy to sleep on top of you or cuddled with you, while others are content to perch on the arm of the couch. Regardless, it’s a perfect way to spend some quality time with your beloved pooch or feline while you get some rest.

2. Go for a walk. There is little else in the world as calming as a quiet stroll on a beautiful day. Everyone can appreciate this sort of relaxation, even your pets. Even if you walk your dog every day, you can never go on too many dog walks—they will always love it. So the next time it’s warm and sunny, saunter around the neighborhood with your dog. He will appreciate the time with you, and it will put you both in a tranquil, pleasant mood. Cats are more hit-or-miss when it comes to walks. Some enjoy walking on a leash, others will slowly drag along, and some hate it. Most cat owners won’t take their cats on a walk, but who knows, your feline friend may enjoy it. Try taking your cat on a short walk to see how he handles it. If he likes it, it can turn into another relaxing activity you can do together.

3. Play. Sometimes the best way to unwind is to play a little. Why not include your cat or dog? There are tons of fun, easy-going games you can play together. For dogs, a game of fetch or tug of war is always enjoyable. It helps you and your dog move around a bit to burn off some energy, putting you both in a more relaxed mood when you are done. For cats, tossing around a toy mouse or ball can get them going is the perfect way to initiate play time. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your cat engaged, which can improve their mood. Spend a few minutes playing with your cat or watching him bat around his favorite toy. Seeing him jump around will make you laugh and help elevate your mood. You will be surprised at how at ease and happier you will feel after a fun play session.

New Products from California Natural

California Natural Dog & Cat FoodThe first line of the all natural pet food from Natura® manufacturing is now available for purchase on ProperPet.com. The California Natural® brand of pet food is a natural alternative for dog food, cat food, puppy food and dog treats, they are made with no fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives, that have been found to cause allergic reactions or stomach issues in pets. California Natural just makes wholesome, unrefined pet foods that are as pure and natural as the way Mother Nature intended them be.

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Treat your Tiny Pets

Hamster Hideout

You love your tiny furry pal, right? Then treat him to the very best small mammal products. Whether you have a hamster, rabbit, gerbil, mouse, ferret or any other small pet, we carry various types of food, toys, harnesses and cages to suit their needs and interests. Looking for the best natural treats for your gerbil? We have it. Need a new toy to entertain your dwarf hamster? There are dozens to choose from. Feel like taking your rabbit out for a stroll around the neighborhood? We carry the perfect leashes for that. So the next time you want to spoil your small pet, peruse our array of products. You’re bound to find something your tiny pet will love.