How to Minimize Pet Allergies

Always having to carry a box of tissues around with you or constantly rubbing your irritated eyes? This could be because of your adorable fuzz ball. Though we love our pets, we don’t love the allergies they can cause. But you don’t have to endure the unpleasantness of pet allergies. There are some simple tips and techniques you can implement to reduce them, which makes for more comfortable living with your pet.

1. Bathe your dog or cat weekly. According to the Human Society, giving your pet a bath once a week can greatly reduce allergy-causing dander. Because allergies are also born out of pet saliva, giving them a bath is more effective than just leaving your pet to lick and bathe itself. Make sure to use shampoos specifically designed for your cat or dog.

2. Restrict rooms. Restricting certain rooms in your home where your pet is allowed can help reduce the amount of allergies spread. Or you can create one room where your pet is not allowed. It would be most effective to keep your cat or dog out of rooms with carpet, which is where dander is more likely to linger. The same is true for rooms that have lots of furniture upholstered with soft material and other decor. Most importantly, do not allow your pet into your bedroom if you have bad allergies. If your cat or dog has a habit of wandering into your bedroom or your designated no-pet room, put up a gate to block him.

3. Keep your home clean. Make it a habit to regularly clean and wash your home to reduce allergies. Also, wash your hands every time you pet your cat or dog. It can be a hassle to remember every time, but you will notice a significant decrease in allergy symptoms.

4. Consult your doctor. There are different medications and remedies that can aid in reducing allergies. Talk to your physician to find the best solution for you.

Implementing some or all of these ideas into your daily life can help create a more comfortable living environment with your pet. You’ll be able to live comfortably without allergies while still enjoying the company of your furry pal.

On the Road with Your Pooch

Dog at the bowTraveling by car with your dog this summer?

Before you load him into your car on your next road trip, make sure you have everything you need for a safe drive. Our selection of pet travel products is extensive and features virtually everything you would need to keep your dog happy on a long drive. So other than dishes, food and water, what else do you need for a long road trip?

Tether/Travel Harness/Seat Belt
If your pooch can’t help but roam around your car when you’re driving, bring a travel harness, tether or safety belt. They all essentially serve the same purpose by securing your dog to his seat and restricting him to one area of your car, so you can focus on driving. A variety of sizes and styles are available to fit your dog.

Automotive Pet Barrier
A pet barrier is good to have if your dog has a habit jumping around the seats in the car. It keeps your dog contained to one specific area, which helps prevent distractions as you drive. It also helps protect your dog if you brake suddenly. Instead of your dog being thrown into the front seats, the barrier keeps him securely in the back.

Seat Protector
No one likes cleaning pet hair from their car. Seat protectors keep pet fur from sticking to all the interior. There are various types and sizes to suit dogs of any sizes, and to accommodate all sorts of car seat types.

You don’t necessarily need all of these items for a single trip, just whatever works best for your dog. Some dogs will be fine sitting in your car with just a pet barrier, while others are more excited and need to be restrained with a harness or tether. So before you head out on the open road, peruse our selection of travel items to keep your dog safe in the car. .

Groom your Pup on the Cheap

You want your dog to be clean and presentable, but you certainly don’t want to break the bank to do it. In lieu of taking your pooch to an expensive pet groomer, do it yourself. There are several simple and affordable ways to keep him clean. Plus, you get the added bonus of bonding with your pet, since grooming him enables you to spend time with your dog instead of paying a stranger to do it. Here’s a rundown of how to easily groom your dog.

1. Give your dog a bath. Most dogs don’t mind a bath, some even love it. So the next time your pup is looking unkempt, bust out the dog shampoo and lather him up. Depending on your dog’s size and how excitable he is, you can wash him in your bath tub, or hose him down outside. If you have a portable tub, use that. If you notice your dog becoming a bit nervous at being in the water, speak to him in a calming voice to ease him. It’s comforting for a dog to hear his owner’s voice, so make it a point to talk to him if it improves his mood. Also, as you wash him, don’t scrub too vigorously because it could agitate him. Use firm but gentle pressure, then thoroughly rinse. Giving an at-home bath is much cheaper than the groomer, since you all you really need is shampoo, water and a place to bathe him.

2. Trim his nails. Trimming your dog’s nails can be tricky, but it’s doable if you’re careful. If you cut them cut too short, it could possibly hurt or injure your dog. Unless you have a lot of nail trimming experience, opt for a trimmer that shaves nails instead of actually cutting them. It will be gentler on your dog while still effectively trimming his nails. Plus, there are many quality and affordable trimmers available. Purchase one and in the long run, you will save more money trimming your pooch’s nails yourself rather than paying a groomer to do it. As an added benefit, your dog will likely be more relaxed and calmer when you trim his nails than if you send him to a groomer, since he is accustomed to being around you more. It’s a great way to establish trust with your dog and help him know that he doesn’t have to be nervous or afraid when it’s time for a nail trim.

3. Brush him. Regular brushing is the best way to maintain your dog’s coat. And it’s affordable too because all you need is a quality brush. Wait until your dog is mostly dry from his bath and then spend a few minutes brushing him. This can be very relaxing for your dog, and is another excellent way to spend time with him. Remember to remove any extra hair after every brushing session to help the brush last as long as possible. The last thing you want is a brush with tons of matted fur.

See? Grooming your dog doesn’t have to be an expensive or lengthy ordeal. With a few affordable products, you can keep your pooch clean and presentable while saving serious cash. Yes, it can be a hassle to make the time for an at-home grooming session, but it’s well worth the money you save. The cost of shampoo, a brush and a trimmer is cheaper in the long run than multiple visits to the groomer. Just be sure to regularly schedule grooming time so you can plan for it. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with your canine pal.

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Prevent Dead Grass Spots with Supplements for Your Dog

Nutri-Vet 00420-3 Green Grass Liver Chewables (120 Count)It’s full-on spring and heading into summer, so you’re probably letting your dog outside a lot more. And by now, you’ve noticed those spots on your lawn…those brown-yellow patches of dead grass caused by your dog’s urine whenever he relieves himself in your yard…that’s right, those spots on your precious lawn.

No worries, there’s an easy way to prevent your yard from looking like a straw-colored wasteland without quarantining your canine pal. Nutri-Vet carries a line of supplements you can give your dog that prevent his urine from discoloring grass. They come in tablet and wafer form, and are available in tasty flavors, so they are easy for your pet to consume. The ingredients in these supplements neutralize the high pH in dog urine to prevent the discoloration  of grass.

Giving your dog these supplements is much easier than the old way of dealing with dead grass spots caused by urine. You would have to thoroughly rinse every urine spot on your lawn with a garden hose, which can be time consuming and tiring. These supplements give you a low-maintenance way to prevent those unslightly patches in your yard without having to do any work. So the next time your dog does his business in your yard, don’t freak out. If you give him these supplements, you won’t have to worry about your lawn looking like a discolored mess.

How to Energize a Lazy Cat

Ah, the life of a lazy cat. Lounging around all day, sleeping, staring out windows, eating…sounds like blissful existence. The perk of having a sluggish cat is that it is relatively low maintenance and doesn’t require as much attention as a dog. But what if you want to energize your lethargic feline friend a bit? Sure, it’s nice to have a low-key pet, but it’s also important to make sure your kitty is stimulated and getting enough exercise for the benefit of his overall health. We’ve come up with some simple and easy ways to help your cat get active.

  • Adjust his food

Take a look at how much you feed your cat. Sometimes, cat owners aren’t careful about meal portions and unknowingly overfeed. They either give their cat too much food each meal or feed them too many times throughout the day. Overfeeding can make your cat languid and inactive. Simply adjusting his meal portions can improve his health. You will notice your cat is more spry and alert when he’s not constantly in a food coma. If you are uncertain about how much food to give, check the recommended serving sizes for the food you buy. Portion size can depend on factors like age and weight, and is typically listed on the package. You can also ask your vet.

  • Give him vitamins

Vitamins ensure your cat gets all the nutrients he needs that he possibly doesn’t receive in his food. There are dozens of vitamins to choose from, including ones that aid in digestion, de-stress, strengthen bones and improve metabolism. Vitamins help improve your cat’s overall health, which can energize him and improve his mood.

  • Give him catnip toys

What cat doesn’t love catnip? Even the laziest felines go nuts over it. Give your cat a couple of catnip toys to get him going. The catnip stimulates your feline pal and makes him stay active for long periods of time. There are all sorts of toys to choose from, depending on what your cat likes to play with. It’s a great way to keep your cat active, since your cat will bat, chase and play with those toys for hours.

  • Play with him

Simply playing with your cat every day is a great way to energize him. Whether your cat likes playing with toys or enjoys being chased around the house, the important thing is that he’s being engaged and active. So make it a point to spend some quality play time every day with your kitty.

Some cats naturally have a lazy personality and won’t enjoy being active all the time. But it’s important to make sure your pet is healthy, and maintaining a certain amount of activity is part of that. Simply spending 10 to 15 minutes each day playing with your cat, in addition to feeding him the right amount of nutritious food, is an effective way to achieve that. So whenever you get sick of seeing your sloth-like cat lying around all day, try these tips and see just how energized your feline pal can be.

How to Help Your Dog Get Along with House Guests and Vise-Versa

So you are either throwing a big bash for all your friends and family or have relatives coming to stay for a bit.  In either situation it is important for you to prepare your pet for the arrival of guests and the duration of their stay, whether for a few hours or a few days.

Here are some tips to help your dog and guests get along, so everyone can have a great time:

  1. Make sure your guests are aware that you have a dog, and specifically what kind. Some people are hypoallergenic and cannot be around certain types of animals or  breeds.
  2. Provide your guests with any additional information they may need to know, whether that is asking your guests not to feed your dog human food or make sure they don’t leave their shoes within your dog’s reach.
  3. A little bit before your guests arrive, make sure that your dog is calm and in a good mood. Maybe if the guests are arriving in the afternoon, it would be beneficial to let your dog get out all his energy before, by going on a walk or playing in the backyard.
  4. When your guests are first introduced to your pets, keep in mind that while you love your dog, not everyone will – that means making sure they do not pounce or jump on your guests.
  5. If you have little ones who will be coming over, suggests making sure they know how to interact with your pets and vise-versa, so there is no miscommunication or mishaps. Also, be sure an adult is present when they are interacting, just in case.
  6. Additionally, suggests creating a guest-free zone for your dog. That way he has somewhere to go when he needs a break from the chaos a party or relative can cause, especially during the holidays.

These are just a few suggestions to create a greater experience for you, your pet and guests. While not all these suggestions may work in your particular situation, they can at least get you thinking ahead of time.

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