How to Energize a Lazy Cat

How to Energize a Lazy Cat

Ah, the life of a lazy cat. Lounging around all day, sleeping, staring out windows, eating…sounds like blissful existence. The perk of having a sluggish cat is that it is relatively low maintenance and doesn’t require as much attention as a dog. But what if you want to energize your lethargic feline friend a bit? Sure, it’s nice to have a low-key pet, but it’s also important to make sure your kitty is stimulated and getting enough exercise for the benefit of his overall health. We’ve come up with some simple and easy ways to help your cat get active.

  • Adjust his food

Take a look at how much you feed your cat. Sometimes, cat owners aren’t careful about meal portions and unknowingly overfeed. They either give their cat too much food each meal or feed them too many times throughout the day. Overfeeding can make your cat languid and inactive. Simply adjusting his meal portions can improve his health. You will notice your cat is more spry and alert when he’s not constantly in a food coma. If you are uncertain about how much food to give, check the recommended serving sizes for the food you buy. Portion size can depend on factors like age and weight, and is typically listed on the package. You can also ask your vet.

  • Give him vitamins

Vitamins ensure your cat gets all the nutrients he needs that he possibly doesn’t receive in his food. There are dozens of vitamins to choose from, including ones that aid in digestion, de-stress, strengthen bones and improve metabolism. Vitamins help improve your cat’s overall health, which can energize him and improve his mood.

  • Give him catnip toys

What cat doesn’t love catnip? Even the laziest felines go nuts over it. Give your cat a couple of catnip toys to get him going. The catnip stimulates your feline pal and makes him stay active for long periods of time. There are all sorts of toys to choose from, depending on what your cat likes to play with. It’s a great way to keep your cat active, since your cat will bat, chase and play with those toys for hours.

  • Play with him

Simply playing with your cat every day is a great way to energize him. Whether your cat likes playing with toys or enjoys being chased around the house, the important thing is that he’s being engaged and active. So make it a point to spend some quality play time every day with your kitty.

Some cats naturally have a lazy personality and won’t enjoy being active all the time. But it’s important to make sure your pet is healthy, and maintaining a certain amount of activity is part of that. Simply spending 10 to 15 minutes each day playing with your cat, in addition to feeding him the right amount of nutritious food, is an effective way to achieve that. So whenever you get sick of seeing your sloth-like cat lying around all day, try these tips and see just how energized your feline pal can be.

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