Cool Treats for your Pets

Cool Treats for your Pets

If you think you’re bearing the brunt of the hot weather this summer, remember your pets. With the massive amount of fur that your cat or dog has, beating the heat is even harder for them. So short of shaving them, what can you do to keep them cool? Feed them some cold, refreshing treats. And the good news is that these treats are easy and affordable–and you can make with supplies already in your home.

1. Ice Cubes
Ice cubes are a great way to cool off your pet. Toss a few into your dog or cat’s water bowl to keep their water crisp and fresh during a hot day. You can even give your pet a couple cubes to play with or chew on. Some dogs and cats love having a chilly, frozen treat to munch on in the heat. But melted ice cubes can be messy, so be sure to give them to your dog or cat in an area of your home that’s easy to clean.

2. Frozen Wet Food
It sounds weird, but it’s effective. Freezing wet cat or dog food can be especially refreshing when it’s sweltering. An easy way to do this is to empty a can of wet food in a container, dice it into chucks and leave it in the freezer to harden. Or you can designate a couple of ice cube trays for your pets and portion the wet food into them. That way all you have to do it pop them out of the tray into your pet’s dish. But keep in mind that not all cats and dogs may love this idea. Some prefer to have their food normally and not in frozen chunks. So if your pooch or feline friend doesn’t like food served this way, just stick to their regular wet food and given them cold water often.

3. Cool Dry Food
It’s also a good idea to keep dry cat and dog food in a cool place, like a refrigerator, when the temperature starts to climb. Keep a container of dry food in the fridge so it’s ready to serve during meal times. Refill it periodically so there‚Äôs always cold food on hand for your pet. It can be quite rejuvenating for your dog or cat to snack on cool morsels of food when they are hot.

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