Perfect Pet Snakes

Perfect Pet Snakes

When choosing a pet, there are always suggestions as to what animal would make an ideal pet. This is the case with cats, dogs, birds and even snakes.

There are a wide array of snakes that you can own but choosing the right type may not only be important for the owner but may also be important for the health and well-being of the snake. The website Reptile Knowledge provides a checklist of criteria for snake ownership as well as some suggestions for types of snakes ideal for home ownership.


When looking for a snake ideal for you, Reptile Knowledge says four things should be considered:

  1. Average Adult Size: a snake should be able to stretch out at least two-thirds its body size. When buying a snake, you need to be sure you have space for a cage that can accommodate a snake’s body size and allow the snake to stretch out.
  2. Temperament/Behavior: consider the snakes listed below. These snakes are cautious about biting and are easy to tame.
  3. Feeding Habits: Reptile Knowledge suggests finding snakes that eat frozen/thawed foods. Frozen and thawed foods are easier to store and are usually available in bulk.
  4. Health in Captivity/Hardiness: be sure to choose a snake species that is comfortable with living in captivity. The four snakes listed below are able to live as pets if the proper needs are met.

Reptile Knowledge’s list of best pet snakes:

  1. The Corn Snake: They rarely grow over six feet long, have good temperaments, are able to be tamed within a short amount of time and they generally live long if their needs are properly met.
  2. The Kingsnake: Reptile Knowledge says that kingsnakes are the most common type of snakes owned because they meet all four criteria outlined above. They come in a wide variety but the most common type is the California Kingsnake.
  3. The Gopher Snake: Easy to tend to, tame and maintain, the Gopher Snake is an ideal snake for both first time snake owners and experienced owners.
  4. The Ball Python: Reptile Knowledge says that although Ball Pythons make great pets, they can be picky when it comes to diets. They also live for quite some time (in some cases past 20 years). So make sure you’re committed to owning a snake for a long time before buying a ball python.

As with any animal, the proper temperature, living conditions, fresh water and proper feeding and diet are crucial to providing an ideal environment for life as a pet.


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