The Four Best Places to Pet Your Cat

The Four Best Places to Pet Your Cat

Looking for ways to relax your feline pal? There’s no better method than petting him. Sure, you probably pet your cat every day, but there are specific areas you can focus on that will maximize his relaxation. So the next time your cat is in need of some friendly strokes, focus on one of these four areas:

1. Behind the ears
Nearly all cats love a good ear scratch. When your furry friend crawls into your lap or plops beside you, give the backs of his ears a little love. Use the tips of your fingers and start out with a light, gentle scratch at the base of his ears, then adjust to accommodate your cat’s preferences. Some like a firmer scratch while others prefer it lighter. Change your pressure after you notice the way he responds. If he is sitting still, is purring and his eyes look sleepy, he’s clearly enjoying it.

2. Under the chin
Another good spot is under the chin. Take your index finger and repeatedly stroke the bottom of his chin. Most cats enjoy being pet in this spot and will often purr. This is a great place to focus on because you can immediately tell if your cat likes it, since you’ll be able to feel him purr.

3. Between the eyes
An often neglected area is between the eyes. But it should be a go-to spot because most cats adore being pet there. Using one finger, gently stroke from the top of his nose up between his eyes to the top of his face. Do that repeatedly and watch as your kitty’s eyes slowly close in comfort. He’ll likely purr too.

4. Top of the tail
Some cats dislike being pet near their tails, but if you focus on the spot where the top of their tail meets the end of their body, it could turn into one of his favorite places to be scratched. Start by stroking the end of his body near the tail to relax him. Then scratch the very end where the top of his tail is. If your cat likes the way it feels, he will likely purr and stick his bottom up into the air, signifying for you to continue.

Every cat is different of course, so not all of these areas will be a hit. Just try them at various times and pay attention to how your cat reacts. Some cats will love all of these techniques while others will only like one or two. Anything works, as long as your cat is able to relax when you pet him.

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