How to Bring More Wild Birds to your Yard

How to Bring More Wild Birds to your Yard

Are you a bird lover who wants to see more feathered visitors in your yard? No worries, it’s relatively easy to get a variety of wild birds flocking to you. All you need is a bird feeder and some bird seed. Yes, it sounds like a no-brainer, but the kind of bird feeder you buy and the type of feed you put in it are crucial.

First, figure out what kind of birds you want to attract. It would be wise to research the different species of birds that are common in the region where you live. Once you find that out, focus on one or two species. Then get a bird feeder that is specially designed for that type of bird. It may sound silly to have a different feeder for different bird types, but it’s not. Many feeder shapes and designs are based on the sizes of birds, the amount of seed that can be held, etc. For example, some feeders are designed specifically for smaller species to keep out larger birds that could eat their food. So think carefully about the types of birds you want in your yard and get the appropriate feeder for them.

Then purchase some quality bird seed. You can find feed mixes that are made for specific bird species. Each one has a different blend of seeds and nuts that is best for whatever type of bird it is. Sure, you can throw in whatever generic seed you feel like and birds will probably eat them, but if you want a certain species regularly frequenting your backyard, opt for a special mix. This will help maximize the number of a certain bird species that visit you.

These are some pretty general guidelines, so if you’re in need of more specific information about birds, hop over to the For the Wild Birds blog. There you’ll find loads of helpful information about different bird species, feeding tips and other valuable tips.

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