Save on EXO TERRA!

Save on EXO TERRA!


For a limited time only, is offering great deals on select EXO TERRA items. Now is the perfect time to give your pet lizard, iguana or frog a home makeover for the upcoming season. Don’t miss out on these great deals for your fun-frog or leaping-lizard. From heat rocks to heating lights, we’ve got you covered. EXO TERRA’s wide range of products include:

  • substrates – An essential part of your pet’s terrarium, a substrate creates a home-like environment for your reptile. Choose a substrate based on your animal’s natural behaviors and habitat. We carry bark, earth, husk, soil, moss, stone and sand.
  • habitat and decorative  – By adding hiding rocks and plants to your pet’s terrarium, you can create a realistic environment. Hide-outs, caves and dens provide your reptile shelter and higher vantage points, while plants provide shelter, hold water and even encourage breeding behavior.
  • water and humidity – Water features like fountains, foggers and “rain” systems provide terrarium conditions for healthy and active animals. Frequent “rainfalls” can help stimulate breeding behavior in animals and serve as a necessity for healthy tropical plants.
  • feeders and dishes – Decrease stress and improve overall health for your reptile by creating a natural feeding experience. Whether looking for a simple dish or an elaborate termite hill, we offer the perfect feeder for your pet.
  • heating and lighting – Fluorescent and halogen bulbs provide both health and light for your reptiles, as well as health benefits of natural sunlight. Nocturnal animals may also benefit from heat lamps, which warm the air without emitting visible light.
  • food and supplements – Keep your pet healthy with a balanced diet. We carry pellet and canned foods, specifically formulated for popular animals like iguanas, agamas, tortoises and turtles.

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