New Year’s Resolutions…with your Pooch!

New Year’s Resolutions…with your Pooch!

It’s the new year and you know what that means: time for resolutions! It may sound strange to do them with your pets, but why not? They are an important part of your life, and it can be a good idea to incorporate them in your own resolutions. It serves as a way to hold yourself accountable to your resolutions, since you’re not only doing them for yourself, but for your furry pal too. Here are a few ways to include your dog in your resolution:

1. Exercise with your dog. Who hasn’t wanted to exercise more as part of a new year’s resolution at some point? Make it count this time by including your pet. Instead of going on leisurely dog walks with your pooch, jog with him. If you walk your dog multiple times a day, change one of those walks to a run. That way, you and your canine pal will squeeze in some quality exercise time.

2. Make healthier meal choices. If you’re like most people, eating can get a bit out of hand around the holidays. What better time to kick start a healthier meal plan than at the beginning of the new year? The best part is that you can do the same for your dog. When you make the switch to healthier food, start your dog on more nutritious food and treats. There are several healthful brands of dog food made with all-natural ingredients that are great for your pooch. If you are trying to eat less by implementing better portion control, do the same for your dog. Many dogs love to eat and will happily over-eat if you over-fill their dish. Consistently choose better food and smaller portions for you and your pet, and you both will be down a healthier path.

3. Take it easy. The days leading up to the holidays can be stressful. Take the new year as an opportunity to relax, especially with your pet. Sure, you’ll probably always be busy, but make it a point to regularly schedule time for yourself. Do it with your furry pal too. Make it a point to unwind each day by reading for a half-hour, taking a nap, watching TV or whatever your favorite relaxing activity is with your dog. While reading, have your pooch sit next to you and pet him. If you’re napping, let him lay on the couch with you and catch some Z’s. It’s a great to way de-stress while spending quality time with your pet.

New year’s resolutions don’t have to be complicated. These are just a few examples of simple, positive changes you can make that benefit both you and your dog. Try one or all of these and see how both your life and your relationship with your dog improve.

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