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Fall is definitely in the air with the cooler weather and crunchy leaves. While we enjoy our hot cider and warm pumpkin scones, we don’t want to forget about treating our furry friends. This season is offering a great variety of tasty treats featuring the flavors of fall.

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Food is coming to! spent some time looking into pet food providers and we have finally found someone who we believe will be a good fit for the website. We are pleased to announce that in the next couple of weeks we will start to add pet food, treats and other pet supplies from Natura® manufacturing. Some of the brands that Natura makes are Innova®, the first “true” holistic pet health food, EVO® a line of grain free pet food, California Natural®, a pet food for food sensitive pets, Health Wise®, pet food with balanced nutrition, Mother Nature®, healthy pet treats & Karma®, organic dog food and dog treats.

A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

Exercising your feline friend can be a challenge. Most cats aren’t receptive to being put on a leash and taken outside for a walk. But it’s vital to make sure your pet maintains a healthy weight. A few extra pounds on your cat may not seem like a big deal, but according to, an extra two pounds on a cat is equal to a person being nearly 18 pounds overweight.

But there are simple things you can do each day to ensure that your cat doesn’t morph into Garfield.

If you live in a multi-level house or apartment, place your pet’s cat food on a different floor from his sleeping area. If you have a one-level home, put your cat’s food and sleeping bed in different rooms. This encourages your cat to walk around multiple times during the day, instead of just lazing around, sleeping and eating from the same spot. Taking those few extra steps going upstairs and downstairs may not seem significant, but it helps keep your cat active and in shape.

It’s also important to set aside some time each day for play time with your cat. It doesn’t have to be a large chunk of time—playing with your cat for around 20 minutes is sufficient. No matter what your cat is doing, whether he is jumping, running, rolling or pouncing, he is burning calories. And there are a ton of fun games you can play. Use a wand- or fishing-type toy with a string on the end to engage your kitty, or use a laser pointer so your cat can chase the moving dot. You can even chase your cat, but some cats get scared being run after, so only play this if your pet enjoys it.

Independent play is also a great way for your cat to exercise. Bouncy balls, feather toys, stuffed mice, even lids from juice or milk jugs are all perfect toys that your cat can play with on his or her own. If you give your cat toys to play with and make the time to consistently play with him or her every day, it won’t be a problem for your cat to stay healthy.

One thing to remember above all is never to overfeed your cat. Cats don’t have the same instinct to portion control their food like humans do, so it’s easy for them to overeat and gain weight. According to, adult cats should be fed twice a day. How much you should feed your cat depends on whether your cat eats dry or wet food. Feeding your cat ¾ of a cup of dry food for each meal is a good rule of thumb. For wet food, stick to around 3 ounces every meal time.

If your cat happens to be a few pounds overweight, don’t put them on a crash diet. Starving your pet is dangerous and unhealthy. Help your pet get fit by playing with him, limiting the number of times you feed him each day and by only feeding him or her the recommended amount. Making sure that your cat lives a healthy lifestyle helps guarantee that your little pal will be with you for a long time.

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