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Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff Recycle Ball

Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff RecycleBall

At, we like to promote organic and recycled products that are great for your pet, and good for the environment as well.

Check out the Wood Chuck from Planet Dog. It’s made from recycled cork board and bamboo and it comes with an Orbee-Tuff Recycled Ball so you can keep your companion healthy and happy, without wearing you out!  We know how much our dogs love to fetch, and this Wood Chuck makes it easy to pick up and throw the perfect toss every time.  So get the right gear to keep your companion fit, check out the Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff Recycled Ball on sale now at

New Terrarium Decor–with Skulls!

Are you itching to give your reptilian pal a fun, edgy touch to his habitat? Check out these new terrarium skulls from Exo Terra. These life-like hide-outs add a realistic accent to any rainforest, desert and aquatic setup. Choose from Primate, Crocodile or Buffalo skulls to give dimension and fun to your pet reptile’s home. So if you’re looking to add a fun, exciting new hiding spot to your reptile pet’s home, try these skulls!

Warm Up to the Exo Terra Reptile Incubator Unit!

In need of an incubator for your reptile eggs? Check out the Reptile Incubator Unit from Exo Terra. This efficient, self-regulating unit is portable, well-designed and a must-have for any reptile lover. Unlike traditional incubator, this model self-regulates, switching to cooling mode when the temperature gets too warm. This self-regulating ability protects your clutches against changes in ambient temperatures during the summer, and saves you the trouble of constantly monitoring for temperature fluctuations. That way, you can leave eggs in the incubator unattended without worry.

It also boasts thermoelectric technology that both heats and cools the internal atmosphere from from 2°C to 60°C (36°F to 140°F). It’s impressively big, with two removable shelves, and it comes with a condensation tray, which lets you control humidity. The transparent door  and interior lighting make it easy to monitor the hatching process. Plus, it has a carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport the incubator unit to shows and shops.

Treat your Pooch to a Grab Bag of Goodies!

Spoil your pooch at a great price with these Properpet Grab Bags! These exclusive yet affordable sets are sure to please every dog. Each one comes with plush toys, treat-dispensing toys, a leash, treats and a surprise mystery gift, all packaged in a conveniently reusable food storage bin. They include products from brands like Innova, Premier, EVO and Canine Hardware. Properpet Grab Bags are the ideal buy whether you have  a big dog, small dog, puppy or are just searching for the perfect canine present. They are available in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Finding the Perfect Present for your Pup

This season give joy to your pets with gifts that bring smiles and melt hearts. offers a wide range of great gifts to please your pet. Below we provide some pretty perfect present ideas:

Pajamas: Keep your pup cozy with a comfy pair of pajamas – ideal for this time of the year. PetRageous offers various styles and sizes to suit your pup’s personality. Made of 100% cotton, the pj’s feature contrast ribbed cuffs and neck for your dog’s comfort. They are a great way for your pooch to stay warm, while keeping pet hair from getting all over the house.

Beds: To keep your dog (or cat) from sleeping on the cold floor, a comfy bed is an ideal gift to keep them warm. We offer a large selection of styles, colors and sizes to find exactly what you are looking for.

Stocking: For a festive gift, you can get a Christmas Paw Stocking and fill with your dog’s favorite treats to enjoy on Christmas morning.

Treats: We have a wide variety of treats to choose from including Paw in the Pie Dog treats available in pumpkin and apple – perfect for the season. We also carry treats made from sweet potatoes.

Matching Collar and Leash set: Keep your dog (or cat) walking in style with a matching collar and leash.

Classy Dishes: Made from hand-crafted 100% stoneware, the Class Act Chianti Bowls meet FDA standards for the safety and health of your pets, and are stronger than other ceramic dishes.

These are just a few ideas to get your started. For more ideas, visit

10 Gifts of Christmas

Including today, there are 8 days lefts in’s 10 Gifts of Christmas. It is not to late to kick off your holiday season with the 10 Gifts of Christmas, where we are offering you and your pet great deals on gifts. To receive these exclusive deals you can sign up for Properpet’s e-newsletter.

10 Days of Christmas

Kick off the Holiday season with properpet’s 10 Days of Christmas. Sign up on our properpet e-mail list and for the next 10 days, we will offer great deals and savings on all sorts of fun products for your pets and yourself!  You can catch these exclusive deals here, Facebook or Twitter for the next 10 days.

The First Day of Christmas Proper Pet brings to you:

Ceramic City Pets Bowls and Treat Jars from Petrageous are idea gifts for your dog or cat this season. Made from hand-crafted 100% stoneware that meet FDA standards for the health of your pet. Each bowl and treat jar features an elegant design for a classy look in your home.

Coats for your Furry Friend

As we bundle up with our puffy jackets, warm mittens and printed scarfs, let’s not forget to take care of our furry friends. While we may think  dogs already have built-in coats, they also need to stay warm with additional layers. Before the cold sinks in for the rest of the season, pick up your precious pooch a coat at We offer a wide selection of coats available in a variety of styles and sizes. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect fit. From the stylish diva to the down-to-earth pup, we’ve got you and your dog set for the season.

Our favorites:

Alberta Quilted Parka – Available in garnet red, teal or cornsilk, this parka resembles the familiar puffy winter coats we find for ourselves. It features a hood with warm fleece lining, ideal for keeping your pooch toasty on chilly days. In addition the coat has Velcro® straps at the chest and neck,  stylish silver grommets and a leash opening for convenience.


Sherlock Coat – available in gray plaid or camel plaid, this coat features a three-season wool blend. Great for the curious pooch, this coat resembles the classic look of Sherlock Holmes. The waterproof nylon chest panel is lined with anti-pill fleece. In addition that coat provides full chest coverage, adjustable Velcro® back closure, reflective safety stitching, elastic leg straps and a leash opening.


PetRageous 438RP Kodiak Coat (Red Plaid)Kodiak Coat – available in blue plaid, red plaid, hunter green, plum and navy, this coat is waterproof and features a quilted poly-fill lining. The coat also has full chest coverage, adjustable heavy duty Velcro® back closure, reflective safety stitching, elastic leg straps, owner ID label and a leash opening for convenience.



In addition to finding the perfect coat, browse for apparel such as footwear, sweaters and even pajamas to pamper your pooch throughout winter.

*Choosing the correct coat size: measure your pet from the base of neck to the base the of tail. Measure the broadest part of the chest behind the front legs. If the measurement is between sizes, select one size larger for proper fit.