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Revamp your Small Mammal’s Habitat

Sick of that dingy cage your hamster, mouse or gerbil is currently living in? Treat your small mammal pal to a new home by perusing our selection of cages and habitats. Whether you’re looking for a simple wire cage with a plastic bottom or an elaborate plastic habitat with endless tubes and attachments, we’ve got you covered.

We carry a variety of cage and habitat sizes to accommodate all sorts of small pets. So whether you have a hamster, mouse, rabbit or ferret, you’re bound to find the perfect new home for him. Plus, we carry various attachments and add-ons to make your mini pet’s new home fun to explore. Our array of plastic tubes, hideouts, outposts, curves and cubes is enough for you to build an imLiving World 61834 Has everything you need for your new rabbitpressive and detailed home. These add-ons are easy to fit onto an existing habitat, and can be adjusted and transported to make different designs. They make for a fun and stimulating place for your pet mouse, hamster or gerbil to explore.

So the next time you’re in the mood to give your tiny pet a home makeover, look to our collection of small mammal habitats and attachments. You can quickly and easily turn your small mammal’s dwelling into a fun, exciting and interesting place to live.

Products for Your Ferret Friend

BeautyFerrets have become quite the popular pet over the last several years. And like any pet, it is important to ensure they have the best to maintain happiness and health. Fortunately, offers an excellent product to get started in providing a great living environment for your ferret: the Living World Ferret Starter Kit.

It includes everything you need to take care of your ferret: a cage, package of food, drinking bottle with leak-proof spout, package of pine shavings, food dish and a rubber toy. Whether you are a newbie to owning a ferret or need to replace some key products, this kit has got you and your ferret covered. Regular and extra-large kit sizes are available. In addition, we offer a range of ferret food to maintain a healthy diet. If your ferret likes to roam the outdoors and you want to include them on your walks, check out the line of ferret leads and harnesses we carry. So find just what your ferret pal needs by browsing our selection.

Treat your Tiny Pets

Hamster Hideout

You love your tiny furry pal, right? Then treat him to the very best small mammal products. Whether you have a hamster, rabbit, gerbil, mouse, ferret or any other small pet, we carry various types of food, toys, harnesses and cages to suit their needs and interests. Looking for the best natural treats for your gerbil? We have it. Need a new toy to entertain your dwarf hamster? There are dozens to choose from. Feel like taking your rabbit out for a stroll around the neighborhood? We carry the perfect leashes for that. So the next time you want to spoil your small pet, peruse our array of products. You’re bound to find something your tiny pet will love.

Don’t Forget About Clearance!

So you want to treat your pet, but you’re not made of money. You can’t afford every single cool toy or heated pet bed or nifty food dispensing gadget. No need to worry though because we feature an extensive clearance section that would satisfy any furry friend. All of our items on sale are competitively priced so you can buy items for your dog or cat without breaking the bank. We carry a variety of products, so whether you’re searching for a new collar, leash, food dish or toy, you can find it at a great price. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the great savings and peruse our clearance section.