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Warm Up to the Exo Terra Reptile Incubator Unit!

In need of an incubator for your reptile eggs? Check out the Reptile Incubator Unit from Exo Terra. This efficient, self-regulating unit is portable, well-designed and a must-have for any reptile lover. Unlike traditional incubator, this model self-regulates, switching to cooling mode when the temperature gets too warm. This self-regulating ability protects your clutches against changes in ambient temperatures during the summer, and saves you the trouble of constantly monitoring for temperature fluctuations. That way, you can leave eggs in the incubator unattended without worry.

It also boasts thermoelectric technology that both heats and cools the internal atmosphere from from 2°C to 60°C (36°F to 140°F). It’s impressively big, with two removable shelves, and it comes with a condensation tray, which lets you control humidity. The transparent door  and interior lighting make it easy to monitor the hatching process. Plus, it has a carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport the incubator unit to shows and shops.

Treat your Pooch to a Grab Bag of Goodies!

Spoil your pooch at a great price with these Properpet Grab Bags! These exclusive yet affordable sets are sure to please every dog. Each one comes with plush toys, treat-dispensing toys, a leash, treats and a surprise mystery gift, all packaged in a conveniently reusable food storage bin. They include products from brands like Innova, Premier, EVO and Canine Hardware. Properpet Grab Bags are the ideal buy whether you have  a big dog, small dog, puppy or are just searching for the perfect canine present. They are available in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

An Easy Way to Calm your Cat

As a cat lover, I’ve come across more than my fair share of crazy felines. You know, those cats that constantly freak out, run around or scurry away every time someone who isn’t their owner nears them.

My boyfriend’s cat Athena happens to be like that. She’s a lovable and ridiculously soft little furball, but she becomes pretty agitated when someone she isn’t familiar with tries to approach her. It actually took her a few months to even get used to being around me.

Luckily there’s an easy way to calm an anxious kitty: grab it by the scruff of the neck. Yes, it sounds harsh, but it’s not. Cats are grabbed there as kittens by their mothers, so they are used to the feeling. I tried it the other day on Athena while she was running around panicked and it worked. I approached her slowly, then knelt down and grabbed her firmly (but not roughly) by her scruff. She immediately seemed more at ease and relaxed. She didn’t try to claw her way out of my arms, unlike the previous times I tried to grab her while she was nervous. She was fine as long as I held her gently in one arm and used my other hand to grip her scruff.

So the next time you notice your cat flipping out, try this technique. Be careful though. Stay calm and be as gentle as possible when you approach. Walk up to them slowly and gently to calm them. That’s what I did with Athena, and it was much more effective than those times when I chased after her as she ran away. Extend your arm toward them and immediately grab the scruff. Hold it firmly, but don’t squeeze incredibly hard, just enough to get a solid grip. Most cats will then calm down and remain that way for as long as you hold them. Also, be prepared for the cat to jump away from you the moment you let go.

Here’s a quick youtube video of a variation of this technique. A veterinarian discovered that applying a large office clip to the scruff of a cat’s neck eases agitated cats.

New Year’s Resolutions…with your Pooch!

It’s the new year and you know what that means: time for resolutions! It may sound strange to do them with your pets, but why not? They are an important part of your life, and it can be a good idea to incorporate them in your own resolutions. It serves as a way to hold yourself accountable to your resolutions, since you’re not only doing them for yourself, but for your furry pal too. Here are a few ways to include your dog in your resolution:

1. Exercise with your dog. Who hasn’t wanted to exercise more as part of a new year’s resolution at some point? Make it count this time by including your pet. Instead of going on leisurely dog walks with your pooch, jog with him. If you walk your dog multiple times a day, change one of those walks to a run. That way, you and your canine pal will squeeze in some quality exercise time.

2. Make healthier meal choices. If you’re like most people, eating can get a bit out of hand around the holidays. What better time to kick start a healthier meal plan than at the beginning of the new year? The best part is that you can do the same for your dog. When you make the switch to healthier food, start your dog on more nutritious food and treats. There are several healthful brands of dog food made with all-natural ingredients that are great for your pooch. If you are trying to eat less by implementing better portion control, do the same for your dog. Many dogs love to eat and will happily over-eat if you over-fill their dish. Consistently choose better food and smaller portions for you and your pet, and you both will be down a healthier path.

3. Take it easy. The days leading up to the holidays can be stressful. Take the new year as an opportunity to relax, especially with your pet. Sure, you’ll probably always be busy, but make it a point to regularly schedule time for yourself. Do it with your furry pal too. Make it a point to unwind each day by reading for a half-hour, taking a nap, watching TV or whatever your favorite relaxing activity is with your dog. While reading, have your pooch sit next to you and pet him. If you’re napping, let him lay on the couch with you and catch some Z’s. It’s a great to way de-stress while spending quality time with your pet.

New year’s resolutions don’t have to be complicated. These are just a few examples of simple, positive changes you can make that benefit both you and your dog. Try one or all of these and see how both your life and your relationship with your dog improve.

How to Stop your Cat from Destroying your Christmas Setup

With the holiday season in full swing, you probably have your Christmas tree set up, presents wrapped and your home decorated. And if you’re a cat owner, you’re likely familiar with the havoc your feline friend can wreak on your festive decor. With all the shiny, flashy adornments all over the place, it’s impossible to keep him from swiping, swatting and jumping on your Christmas display. So what are some holiday items that your cat may get into, and what can you do to deter your kitty?

1. Low-hanging Christmas tree ornaments. It’s a guarantee that if your cat is drawn to shiny, flashy objects, he will knock  low-hanging ornaments off the tree and possibly break them. Keep ornaments toward the top of the tree, especially delicate ones. The higher they are, the less likely it is your cat will reach them.

2. Dangling decorations. The Christmas tree isn’t the only thing vulnerable to your cat’s pouncing and swiping tendencies. Any decorations that hang or dangle are a prime target for your kitty to bite, swipe or jump at. If you do want to hang items like stockings, wreaths, beads, ribbons, etc., make sure you put them in a high place that your cat can’t reach or climb to.

3. Christmas tree. A lot of cats love to climb and some are daring enough to try this on a Christmas tree, which can be disastrous if your pet manages to knock it down. Put a pet gate around your tree so your cat isn’t able to get near it.

4. Gifts. Your kitty’s claws can do a number on presents under the tree. Not only does it ruin the surprise if your cat shreds already-wrapped gifts, but it could damage the actual presents too. Use the aforementioned pet gate to help in this instance too. Just make sure that all gifts are inside the gate tucked under the tree, out of your cat’s reach.

Is salt on the streets safe for your pets?

While salt on the street is super useful for melting snow and ice, it can also be harmful to our precious pets. It is important during the winter to take extra precautions to make sure our pets are not harmed. Even though our pets’ paws are tough enough for pavement, the salt can cause irritation and be uncomfortable for our furry friends. And even worse, if they ingest the salt it can lead to illnesses. According to Doctors Foster and Smith, small amounts can cause drooling and diarrhea, “while large amounts can cause excessive thirst, weakness or fainting due to low blood pressure, decreased muscle function and, in severe cases, seizures, coma and even death” (source). Doctors Foster and Smith suggest using a moist towel to clean off their paws, after walking on heavily-salted areas. In addition, use a salt-free ice melter on your walkways and driveways to help keep your pets safe during the winter. Happy Snowing!

Finding the Perfect Present for your Pup

This season give joy to your pets with gifts that bring smiles and melt hearts. offers a wide range of great gifts to please your pet. Below we provide some pretty perfect present ideas:

Pajamas: Keep your pup cozy with a comfy pair of pajamas – ideal for this time of the year. PetRageous offers various styles and sizes to suit your pup’s personality. Made of 100% cotton, the pj’s feature contrast ribbed cuffs and neck for your dog’s comfort. They are a great way for your pooch to stay warm, while keeping pet hair from getting all over the house.

Beds: To keep your dog (or cat) from sleeping on the cold floor, a comfy bed is an ideal gift to keep them warm. We offer a large selection of styles, colors and sizes to find exactly what you are looking for.

Stocking: For a festive gift, you can get a Christmas Paw Stocking and fill with your dog’s favorite treats to enjoy on Christmas morning.

Treats: We have a wide variety of treats to choose from including Paw in the Pie Dog treats available in pumpkin and apple – perfect for the season. We also carry treats made from sweet potatoes.

Matching Collar and Leash set: Keep your dog (or cat) walking in style with a matching collar and leash.

Classy Dishes: Made from hand-crafted 100% stoneware, the Class Act Chianti Bowls meet FDA standards for the safety and health of your pets, and are stronger than other ceramic dishes.

These are just a few ideas to get your started. For more ideas, visit

10 Gifts of Christmas

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